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At Northland Lining we specialize in both trenchless and traditional sewer line repair methods. Using a "CIPP”  (cured in place pipe), we repair your pipes from the inside, to a better than new condition.  Whether you are a residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal customer, we have the right solution for you! Northland Lining is a full service sewer line repair and maintenance company. Hotels, restaraunts, shopping malls etc...."IF YOU'RE PROBLEM IS IN A PIPE, WE CAN FIX IT!"

Northland Lining covers, Minnesota, from the Metro to the Iron Range, and most of western Wisconsin.

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South and Central MN and Western WI (North Metro Area)

218-966-1905                                          E-mail: don@northlandlining.com       

Northern Minnesota and North Western WI (Northern MN)                           218-966-1105 or 218-393-9600           E-mail: dave@northlandlining.com